Thank You

Books contain acknowledgments and special thanks abound in programs and liner notes; I have much to be grateful for in creating Art & Soul Acting:

Many thanks to Elaine Schatzline-Behr for stepping into my world and changing it forever.

Thank you Mark Zeller for believing in me when I had no idea of how to believe in myself.

Thank you Dr. Kimberleigh Jordan for inspiring the name Art & Soul.

I’m so grateful to my tremendous team for support and friendship on this journey. Thank you:

  • Amanda Donnelly for building this beautiful website
  • Tiffany Hodges for you brilliant insight
  • Jenna Kantor for your ongoing support
  • Abigail Killeen for our never-ending conversation about teaching that never fails to inspire

I am forever filled with gratitude to my students who are featured in this website. Thank you so much for giving not only your time and your energy, but your life, spirit and joy which is alive and abundant throughout this website. THANK YOU!

Many thanks to my former, present and future students: you have taught and will teach me more than you will ever know.

Thank you to the myriad of family and friends. Your unconditional love and support has given my vision wings.

To WAW, I am grateful for you every day.

Thank you to my esteemed life coaching teacher Rae Chois. You have made a great contribution to the world of acting through your powerful teaching of solution focused techniques.

Endless gratitude to my most honored acting teacher and mentor, Elizabeth Browning. Your profound generosity in teaching me how to teach can never be repaid; however, your joy and your light—and your extraordinary acting technique—will touch all who are a part of Art & Soul Acting. I am truly blessed.

And thank you God for having more vision and more ways than I can ever, ever begin to imagine.