Annual Leap with Passion Workshop

The 13th annual Leap with Passion Workshop is designed for actors and non-actors alike. Get ready to live the new year with passion in a joyous workshop that is a 5-hour celebration of life!

Do you wish you had time each year during the busy holiday season to take stock of your life and prepare for the year ahead?

The holidays are a joyful but often busy time, leaving few precious moments to reflect upon life. Many make New Year’s resolutions in a flurry of activity, only to forget what they are by February. Sound familiar?

Do you wish that you had some quiet time each year to reflect and take stock so that you can be intentional with your life?

If yes, then the Leap with Passion Workshop is for you.

The annual Leap with Passion is a life-changing 5-hour workshop. Offered just before and right after the end of the year, it is an opportunity for participations to show up for themselves—without distractions—and create a plan for the new year that will stick. This workshop is perfect for actors and non-actors alike.

What makes the Leap with Passion Workshop so effective?

This 5-hour workshop allows participants much needed time and space to do all the things that they would love to do to complete the year’s end and prepare for the year to come. Participants work individually in a group setting that is both supportive and inspiring. This focused environment allows attendees to encounter their lives at the level of what is most important and valuable to them.

What do participants actually do during this workshop?

Upon arrival, participants receive a packet containing worksheets and all the materials needed for the session.

Throughout the workshop, attendees work individually but within the group setting as they are lead through a series of carefully constructed defining questions. Each question is progressive and is combined with exercises that lead to personal insight. These exercises provide perspective shifts as well as increased personal awareness. Participants are given time to write down their discoveries before moving to the next piece of work.

What is the end result?

There are two main end results: the first is to complete 2020 and the second is to prepare for 2021.

Result #1 – Completing 2020: Rather than jump right into the future, participants first review and conclude the past year. They look at where they’ve been and where they are now. This part of the workshop slows time down and provides awareness and perspective. Attendees emerge with their greatest wins in hand and they even discover how their challenges have had something positive to offer.

This in-depth look gives participants perspective as they often see themselves having completed the things that they dreamed of doing in the past. With newfound awareness, a deeper commitment to completing the current year emerges. Unfinished business from the year just passed is finished which clears the way for the participant to be ready to focus on the year to come.

Result #2 – Preparing for 2021: With the foundation having been set during the completion of 2020, participants work with their most important areas of life (ex: heath, finances, spirituality, romance, etc.). The primary aim of this part of the day is on creating 3 concrete and actionable Focuses for the year ahead. Participants further develop their 3 Focuses through thought provoking exercises and activities.

Instead of having made random New Year’s resolutions, attendees instead leave the workshop completely exhilarated by an organically developed vision of what their future could be…and will be in 2021.

The excercises sound personal. Can participants keep their discoveries private or is sharing required?

There is time for sharing set aside at the end of the workshop. Participants are welcome to share as much or as little as they wish.

Some participants choose not to share at all – which is perfectly fine. Participants are encouraged to do whatever best serves them on their journey.

Do the 3 Focuses that participants design during Leap with Passion get accomplished?

Art & Soul Acting receives feedback from Leap with Passion participants throughout the year. The overwhelming answer to this question is a resounding YES!!! This is not a “New Age” seminar, nor is there any hocus-pocus involved. Attendees are literally so excited and inspired by their 3 Focuses that they immediately jump into action.

Also, assisting them throughout the year is the mid-month “Leaps & Bounds” e-mail—a powerful reminder to live those 3 Focuses that can be read in about 20 seconds or less.

In this 5-hour workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Powerfully complete the past year and joyfully celebrate its greatest accomplishments.
  • Turn the challenges of the past year into fuel for the next.
  • Learn an outstanding goal-setting technique that is the difference that makes the difference in terms of “sticking to it.”
  • Design 3 life changing, personal Focuses for the year ahead that are achievable and really inspire.
  • Discover who they need to be and the actions they need to take in order to succeed in accomplishing their 3 Focuses.
  • Express and joyfully celebrate life.

Chicago Attendee Courtney Rioux

NYC Attendee Jenna Kantor

For the first time in many years, I am infatuated by the future, hopeful and planning, not mired in the past.
~ Kim Corcoran ~

LOVE this workshop and will make it an annual must!
~ Tiffany Hodges ~

Rhonda has touched me in many ways, personally and professionally – and no more so than through her amazing LEAP WITH PASSION workshop which combines the best of so many of her gifts. What a perfect way to start a new year: with clear focus and passionate vitality!
~ Andrew Rothkin ~

Rhonda’s talent as a coach transcends verbal instruction; it goes directly to action based thoughts and exercises that challenge and inspire you.
~ James Pravasilis ~

Rhonda Musak expertly and lovingly guides people to find out what matters most in their lives and then provides the tools to make their dreams come true.
~ Lynn Lobban ~

Praise for the Live/Online Leap:

Attending the workshop online this year, I felt Rhonda’s gentle guiding presence just as powerfully as when I attended the live workshop. It still felt like she was in the room with me!
~ Kim Chinh ~ 


Dates for the 13th Annual Leap with Passion Workshop will be announced during fall 2020. Stay tuned…