College Prep Program

Are you passionate about acting? Do you have your heart set on studying theatre and film in college and consider becoming a professional actor? The College Prep Program at Art & Soul Acting is designed to give you the powerful acting tools and audition techniques you need in order to walk into your college auditions thoroughly prepared.

The demands of a college audition are different than those of an acting job. Colleges don’t expect applicants to be fully polished professionals, but they do expect candidates to have some prior experience including a fundamental knowledge of acting technique and the craft of an actor. Knowing how to tailor your audition to meet these standards can make all the difference. Art & Soul Acting’s College Prep Program knows what admission officers are looking for and can help aspiring actors to hone their audition material to highlight these qualities and help them feel confident that they are showcasing their talent in the best possible ways.

The Art & Soul Acting College Prep Program is offered regardless of where you live. If you are in or near New York City, you will be able to work in person. If you are outside of the New York City area, this program is offered online.

All students deserve to have powerful college preparation programs—even those who wish to study acting.


  • Monologue Selection
  • Monologue Preparation
  • Audition Technique
  • Assessment of acting skills and an individualized curriculum
  • Foundational Acting Instruction
  • Breaking Down Shakespeare
  • Rehearsal Technique
  • Cold Reading Preparation
  • Mock Auditions
  • Headshot & Resume Advice
  • Advice in terms of what to wear and how to powerfully present yourself in an audition setting
  • Assistance in terms of sorting out what your school is requesting
  • Play Reading Assignments
  • Q & A

To serve you best, Art & Soul Acting offers 3 comprehensive programs:

Program #1: Year-Long Prep
This most comprehensive package is designed for the student who would like to combine in-depth professional training with college audition preparation. Perfect for students who would like professional training under their belt before their college auditions. The first six months are focused on training and understanding what schools are requesting, while the second six months are focused on monologue selection and audition preparation.

The first six months can be combined with a friend!


Program #2: 6-Month Prep
This preparation package is ideal for students with prior training who are preparing for their auditions. The package includes: determining what schools are requesting, monologue selection and audition preparation.


Program #3: 3-Month Prep
This package is perfect for the student who has already chosen and begun preparing their monologues. Great for the student who wants an extra set of eye to polish their work and get it audition ready.


* In-person sessions rates do not include studio rental fees; however, low-cost studio rentals are available.

Admission & Registration
I only work with students who are passionate about acting. Students need to be ready to commit time and energy into their development as actors. This is professional-level acting training, a focused and dedicated mindset is required.

To apply, please contact Art & Soul Acting to arrange an audition and interview: Art & Soul Acting.