Summer Acting Intensive for Teens

Art & Soul Acting travels! The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens is a one-of-a-kind professional acting workshop conveniently held in your area. Spend a week training like the pros!

Acting is easy, right? You just pick up a script and start talking.

Oh, if that were only so. In reality, as it has been said, “To be a great actor you only need to know how to do 10 things really well… but you have to do all of them at the same time!”

The weeklong Summer Acting Intensive for Teens gives young actors the tools they need in order to pick up a script and successfully move from the first reading through to performance.

The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens was absolutely incredible. I walked in with an idea of how to act, and left knowing how to act. I feel a lot more confident in myself and my acting abilities now.
~ Patrick, age 14 ~

Students will experience what it’s like to live a life of an actor. They will participate in a series of dynamic acting exercises designed to highlight the basic techniques that go into powerful acting and then implement those skills while developing and rehearsing a scene. And no acting experience is truly complete without performance…

The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens culminates in an evening performance for family and friends.

Sample Workshop Schedule
Classes: Monday-Friday, 5-hours a day
Final Rehearsal: Saturday, 5-hours
Dinner Break: 1-hour
Warm-Up & Half-Hour Call: 1-hour
Performance Cabaret: 45 minutes
Post-Performance Celebration!

The Summer Acting Intensive was a blessing! New friends were made through never forgettable experiences. Acting is being: it is living.
~ Joey, age 17 ~

The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens is a professional level acting workshop.

Students will gain more confidence, more freedom and more power as they learn concrete acting techniques.

This is not a “sit-in-your-seat” lecture; participants will be up on their feet working as they:

  • Express themselves through powerful acting techniques.
  • Discover the absolute essentials that go into great acting.
  • Create a fun and nurturing acting community.

Working with Rhonda is such a privilege. She is so supportive, outgoing and fun–I was thoroughly impressed. My confidence and ability as an actor has grown so much!
~ Naomi, age 16 ~


Would you like to host a Summer Acting Intensive for Teens in your area?

  • This 1-week workshop can be scheduled to fit best into your school’s or park district’s summer schedule.
  • Daily class timing can be designed to flexibly fit into the available schedule.
  • Personalized Program: While designed as a 1-week program, the Summer Acting Intensive for Teens can be made into a 2-week program or longer. Please inquire.
  • Competitive pricing.

Please contact Art & Soul Acting about the possibility of holding a Summer Intensive in your area: Art & Soul Acting.

The group activities made me feel as one with my fellow actors in the workshop, and I believe the trusting bond was carried on from the stage to everyday life. I made friends, improvements, and most importantly memories to last a lifetime.
~Brandon, age 15 ~