Summer Acting Intensive for Teens

Art & Soul Acting travels! The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens is a one-of-a-kind professional acting workshop conveniently held in your area. Spend a week training like the pros!

Acting is easy, right? You just pick up a script and start talking.

Oh, if that were only so. In reality, as it has been said, “To be a great actor you only need to know how to do 10 things really well… but you have to do all of them at the same time!”

The 1-week Summer Acting Intensive for Teens gives young actors the tools they need in order to pick up a script and successfully move from the first reading through to performance.

The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens was absolutely incredible. I walked in with an idea of how to act, and left knowing how to act. I feel a lot more confident in myself and my acting abilities now.
~ Patrick, age 14 ~

Students will experience what it’s like to live a life of an actor. They will participate in a series of dynamic acting exercises designed to highlight the basic techniques that go into really powerful acting and then implement those skills while developing and rehearsing a scene. And no acting experience is truly complete without performance…

The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens culminates in an evening performance. Family and friends are invited.

Sample Workshop Schedule
Classes: Monday-Friday, 5-hours a day
Final Rehearsal: Saturday, 5-hours

Dinner Break: 1-hour
Warm-Up & Half-Hour Call: 1-hour
Performance Cabaret: 45 minutes
Post-Performance Celebration!

The Summer Acting Intensive was a blessing! New friends were made through never forgettable experiences. Acting is being: it is living.

~ Joey, age 15 ~

The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens is a professional level acting workshop.

Students will gain more confidence, more freedom and more power as they learn concrete acting techniques.

This is not a “sit-in-your-seat” lecture; participants will be up on their feet working as they:

  • Express themselves through powerful acting techniques.
  • Discover the absolute essentials that go into great acting.
  • Create a fun and nurturing acting community.

Working with Rhonda Musak is such a privilege. She is so supportive, outgoing and fun–I was thoroughly impressed. My confidence and ability as an actor has grown so much!
~ Naomi, age 15 ~


Summer workshops are booking now.


Would you like to host a Summer Acting Intensive for Teens in your area?

  • This 1-week workshop can be scheduled to fit best into your school’s or park district’s summer schedule.
  • Daily class timing can be designed to flexibly fit into the available schedule.
  • Personalized Program: While designed as a 1-week program, the Summer Acting Intensive for Teens can be made into a 2-week program or longer. Please inquire.
  • Competitive pricing.

Please contact Art & Soul Acting about the possibility of holding a Summer Intensive in your area.

Please include your location and date/s you would be interested in holding the workshop. Please note, all workshops begin on a Monday.

The group activities made me feel as one with my fellow actors in the workshop, and I believe the trusting bond was carried on from the stage to everyday life. I made friends, improvements, and most importantly memories to last a lifetime.
~Brandon Vlach ~