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Rhonda Musak - acting coach

Rhonda Musak – acting coach

Do you want to book more acting jobs?

Welcome!  I’m Rhonda Musak and I have been coaching actors since 1999 to master the skills they need so they can book the job and do what they love most: Act.

Actors must be ready when opportunity strikes.  This website offers actors ways to do just that: professional classes and workshops, a book club that focuses on plays, a summer intensive for teens and a blog filled with the vital information actors need in order to prosper.

  When an actor is hired for a project, they must rely on their craft to accomplish results.  The secret of growing acting skill that is ready on-demand: combining proven methods with practice, practice, practice.

One can spend all day long reading about acting, but the learning is in the doing.  An acting technique that is technically grounded and emotionally expressive leads actors toward ownership of their acting skills.  And when you’ve booked that job, that’s just the kind of technique that is going to serve.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt:

“If you prepare yourself at every point as well as you can… you will be able to grasp opportunity for broader experience when it appears.”

I invite you to take advantage of all that Art & Soul Acting has to offer so that you are ready to soar in all of your acting work.


Rhonda Musak
Owner, Art & Soul Acting