Fundamentals For Success

Growth Mindset
The growth mindset is a way of thinking and being that places focus on our inherent ability to learn which ensures growth and expansion. The opposite, the fixed mindset, is a limited way of thinking and being which sees us as forever the same: unable to be, learn, or do more than we currently can. At Art & Soul Acting, we know it is possible to learn how to act, a belief which runs contrary to the popular fixed mindset that “you either have it or you don’t.” Students are taught in ways that acknowledge and honor their inherent ability to learn and grow.

Practice, Practice, Practice
What you focus on you create more of. If you want to become a more skilled actor, then you must thoroughly embrace practice. Therefore, I require my students to have a commitment to practice and expect that they will have rehearsed their material and prepared their assignments between class sessions.

Classroom Environment
The classroom environment is learning centered, goal oriented and communal. While a student is up working, classmates are focused on that actor’s work: learning through observation is an essential part of the process. It is a safe space to explore and take risks; it is a place where it is all right not to know something and work towards answers. Students are treated with honor and respect. Art & Soul Acting actively creates a space that is deeply focused, creative, and fun.

The audience is as valuable as the actor and an actor’s work is never complete until there is an audience. While studying and mastering the craft of acting is a noble aim, the actor must never lose sight that it is through performance that an actor’s craft becomes polished. Therefore, Art & Soul Acting periodically creates learning-based performance opportunities for students.