Solution Focused Acting

Solution Focused Acting combines three powerful focuses:

  1. HOW: Students become skilled actors by honing a set of specific acting tools that focus on HOW to act rather than on “being a good actor,” “being a good enough actor” or “getting it right.” For example, students learn:
    • how to play an action and why it’s so important
    • how to find and use given circumstances in a text
    • how to create powerful relationships
  2. FREEDOM & PRESENCE: An actor can go only as far as their ability to freely connect to the present moment. The most alive acting does not depend on pretending but on allowing everything that is true and real within the actor to come forth. Through powerful exercises, students surpass limitations and break through blocks to be free in the present.
  3. CREATIVE IMAGINATION & TRUTH IN REHEARSAL: The ultimate key to good acting is powerful rehearsal. Students learn techniques that enable them to think creatively so they can set up and develop dynamic experiences for themselves that unlock the truth of the text.

Students learn these techniques not through lecture, but by actually being up on their feet and experiencing them through a variety of enlightening acting exercises. This exceptional teaching process ensures that experience is the student’s greatest teacher.

What is “Solution Focused?”
Solution Focused principles are applied to create a partnership between teacher and student that leads the student away from focusing on problems and toward focusing on solutions. Instead of being told what to do, students become skilled at assessing the techniques available to them so they can decide which ones work and which do not work for them in each situation. This understanding results in a deeper ownership of their acting.