About Rhonda S. Musak

Having decided near the end of high school that I wanted to be an actor, I quickly learned that I had an enormous problem on my hands—I did not know HOW to act. This problem intensified as I went from school to school desperately seeking a way to break down the process of acting so that I could actually learn how to do it. The same classroom situation kept occurring: my weaknesses and shortcomings as an actor were continually and unhesitatingly pointed out to me; however, it was the rare occasion when I was actually taught how to fix the problems and do that which was requested.

I was determined to find the answers.

In my quest, I began to take acting classes outside of the college. During these classes, I had my first gleaning that there, indeed, was a logical and practical way to break acting down so that it could be learned and cultivated step-by-step.

I moved to New York City and began intensive training at the National Shakespeare Conservatory (NSC). Through my focused work with Mark Zeller and Dana Zeller-Alexis, along with NSC’s cadre of incredibly skilled teachers, I began to learn and practice concrete tools that formed the foundation of my acting training.

After graduating from NSC, my continued exploration eventually led me to master acting teacher, Elizabeth Browning. I began to connect the dots as I learned a richly rewarding approach to acting that gave me systematic and practicable tools while assisting me in becoming free, open, and expressive in my work.

Along with my love of performing, my extensive pursuit to learn how to act fostered an understanding of acting from an in-depth teaching point of view. In 1999, Elizabeth Browning hand chose me as her teaching apprentice. Much like the apprenticeship of the great Italian painters, I embarked on an intensive course of study involving private training, personal mentorship and student teaching ultimately enabling me to teach the breadth of her methods and techniques. Shortly after, I was honored to join the staff of the Elizabeth Browning Studio.

Added to my teaching is my expertise as a Solution Focused Life Coach (International Coach Federation certified). Based on the work of Milton Erickson, these elegant and powerful coaching tools allow students deeper access to their acting skills so that they can more powerfully implement them in their acting.

As an actor, I have enjoyed touring the US, and working both regionally and in NYC. I have also produced myself in several productions through my production company, Deep Water Productions, and with the critically acclaimed Shakespeare company, Moonwork. In addition to my current solo work, favorite roles include Ondine in Ondine, Natalya in The Marriage Proposal, and Helena in Fools and Lovers.

I make my home in a sunny East Village apartment and am thrilled to share my life with family, friends and a supportive and inspirational community of artists that keep me ever moving toward expression, balance and joy.