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Lots of things happen at an audition, but only one thing really counts……YOUR AUDITION.

When actors come to work with me they’re often “stuck” in their acting work and as a result are missing out on booking great acting jobs.

I’m only too well aware of all the things that go on at an audition that can throw you off your game: visiting with actors you’ve worked with before, catching up on the latest industry news and gossip, networking and making new connections, unfocused energy and nervousness, updating Facebook, tweeting and on and on and on…

But the rubber hits the road when you step into that audition room—and I want you to be ready to take control!


How to NAIL Your Next Audition: Secrets for Prepping in the Waiting Room is an 19 minute audio program designed to be done as you wait to be called into the audition room.

Through this audio you will:

  • Relax and use the distracted energy of the waiting room to your positive advantage.
  • Awaken your acting instrument.
  • Create a mindset that is conducive to successful results.
  • Develop a clear, inspiring intention for your audition that is within your control to achieve.
  • Move from destructive nervous energy to creative resourcefulness.
  • Become engaged and energized by the day’s specific audition material leaving you ready to walk into that audition room and do the kind of acting work you know you’re capable of doing.