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Rhonda has been my teacher and private acting coach since I met her through TRU in the spring of 2007.  I knew from her voice on the phone that I was going to enjoy working with her. There was something in the brightness in her voice that made me feel confident we were going to be a great team.  

As we continue to work together, I get clearer that what makes Rhonda an amazing teacher is her ability to meet you where you are, connect and identify your needs in that moment–whether they are plot, monologue, character or career questions and then, step beyond that to tackle those questions so you accomplish whatever goals you had set for yourself in a class or in a private coaching session.  She does all of this with passion, grace, a sense of fun, a wealth of knowledge and in a timely manner.  

But it’s not even those qualities and gifts that she gives that makes me keep coming back to study with her, it is because she does what every great teacher does, leads until you can take the lead with confidence. No matter what mood I am in when I arrive to a class or a session with Rhonda, I leave feeling like an artist that is back on the right course in the journey.  To me, that is the true measure of her gifts as a teacher.

~ Shea Davies